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Spanish company registered in the Register of Valladolid, Volume 949, Folio 17, Section 8, Page VA-12 523, Entry 1, with registered office and headquarters at C/ Pío del Río Hortega, 8, 2ª Planta, Oficina 7 of Valladolid - Spain, zip code 47014, NIF A47473616 and VAT ESA47473616, e-mail address info@xolido.com, phone +34 983 298 272 & fax +34 983 298 205, is the owner of the internet portals hosted under the domains xolido.com and xolidosign.com.

XOLIDO want to preserve and guarantee the privacy of personal data of users. Therefore informs all users of its privacy policy and protection of personal data so they can determine in a completely freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide your Personal Data XOLIDO.

XOLIDO available to the users to this Policy, prior, to access the same or any other relevant information concerning the protection of personal data that can thus give their consent in the processing by XOLIDO.

The Portals conditions may contain specific provisions concerning data protection, for which the user is encouraged to consult them in advance.

Certain websites of xolido.com y xolidosign.com, whether of the type xolido.com/”nombre”, “nombre”.xolido.com, “nombre”.xolido.com/”nombre”, xolidosign.com/”nombre”, “nombre”.xolidosign.com and “nombre”.xolidosign.com/”nombre”or others related to xolido.com and xolidosign.com, may be governed by specific conditions of use, which shall be understood by the User from the moment he or she accesses those Web Sites. For this reason the user should Read the Terms of Use of those Websites.

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