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Spanish company registered in the Register of Valladolid, Volume 949, Folio 17, Section 8, Page VA-12 523, Entry 1, with registered office and headquarters at C/ Pío del Río Hortega, 8, 2ª Planta, Oficina 7 of Valladolid - Spain, zip code 47014, NIF A47473616 and VAT ESA47473616, e-mail address, phone +34 983 298 272 & fax +34 983 298 205, is the owner of the internet portals hosted under the domains and

XOLIDO want to preserve and guarantee the privacy of personal data of users. Therefore informs all users of its privacy policy and protection of personal data so they can determine in a completely freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide your Personal Data XOLIDO.

XOLIDO available to the users to this Policy, prior, to access the same or any other relevant information concerning the protection of personal data that can thus give their consent in the processing by XOLIDO.

The Portals conditions may contain specific provisions concerning data protection, for which the user is encouraged to consult them in advance.

Certain websites of y, whether of the type”nombre”, “nombre”, “nombre””nombre”,”nombre”, “nombre” and “nombre””nombre”or others related to and, may be governed by specific conditions of use, which shall be understood by the User from the moment he or she accesses those Web Sites. For this reason the user should Read the Terms of Use of those Websites.



Personal Data: are all personal data relating to users XOLIDO they provide for the maintenance of trade relations, for the purposes of their protection and processing, as established by Law 15/1999 (LOPD ) and other regulations.

Contents: will all the information (including feedback and suggestions), data, files, images, graphics and software of any kind that is transmitted, distributed, stored, displayed, uploaded, written, obtained, sent or received through or at any Site or product and/or Service XOLIDO.

Teams: Will consider the hardware devices.

Links: links that are placed in a website, and allowing access through it to another website.

Products and/or Services: mean all services, products and other components supplied or sold by XOLIDO, including all modules, services and products that integrates XOLIDO Internet Platforms.

Distinctive Signs: are the names, trade names, trademarks, domains, or signs of ownership.

Spam: each spam received by a third party.

Spamming: sending unsolicited bulk email.

SPS: be the Sites, Products and/or services XOLIDO or any of its subsidiaries, or members of the group to which it belongs.

Site/s: any website, portal or web space that is hosted on servers XOLIDO or its subsidiaries, or members of the group to which it belongs.

User: shall be any person who accesses any website.

XOLIDO: is equivalent to XOLIDO Systems, Inc.


The User authorizes XOLIDO (or any of its subsidiaries, or members of the group to which it belongs) for the use and processing of personal data provided.

The Personal Data collected will be processed automatically and incorporated to files. Users may, expressly denied the automatic processing of such Personal Data.

Collection and processing of personal data is aimed at maintaining business relationships, as well as the provision, management, administration, extension and improvement of the Products and/or services where the user decides or has decided to hire, subscribe or unsubscribe.

XOLIDO may use such Personal Data for the adequacy of the Products and/or Services to tastes and preferences of the users, the study of the use of the Products and/or Services by Customer, the design of new products and/or services, sending updates to the Products and/or services, shipping, by traditional or electronic, technical, operational and commercial information about the Products and/or Services or other products or services deemed XOLIDO.

The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data may also include sending survey forms that the user is not obliged to answer.

XOLIDO available to the users registration forms during the sign up to some of the services offered by XOLIDO. Through them, the users can record their data, which can be automatically processed in order to provide registered users a range of products and/or services, XOLIDO reserves the right to verification by the means it deems more timely data and decide whether or not incorporated in automated files. Registration forms are limited data to a mandatory minimum number of fields, with the remainder of voluntary registration for the User. The User guarantees that the Personal Data provided to XOLIDO is true and is responsible for communicating any changes thereto.

XOLIDO may use the information collected to fulfill your files and thus offer more complete services to users who visit XOLIDO Portals, allowing customization or adaptation to registered user preferences. XOLIDO also may use that information to maintain their commercial and/or contract with the user, as well as administration, management, delivery, expansion, maintenance and improvement of services in which the user decides to subscribe, register or use as well as for use in the adaptation of services to the characteristics and preferences of the users, the study of the use that users make of the SPS, the shipment of goods and/or services, sending updates to the service, the design of new services, delivery by traditional and electronic means of technical, commercial or operational information about products and/or services offered by XOLIDO or a third party, both now and in the future. Included in the purpose of the collection of Personal Data to send survey forms, which the user is not obliged to answer.


The User can exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, and has recognized the right to be informed of the transfers made ​​by contacting Xolido by notification following the protocol established for this: Check process.


XOLIDO may transfer personal data to companies with which it is related to belong, participate or be integrated into the same group. In some cases, moreover, may transfer the same data to third parties.

In any case XOLIDO try to ensure the maintenance of confidentiality and the safe handling of personal data in the movements that may occur because of these transfers. Users have recognized their right to object at any time to any or all previous assignments with respect to their data.


XOLIDO may provide access to the information provided, that in this way the user can check and request modification or removal of inaccurate information in your case.

Order to proceed with any of these actions the owner of Personal Data shall be identified by any means legally valid, and send the request for modification or removal by notice following the established protocol: Check process


If for any reason a User finds that it does not follow this policy, you can get a notification to XOLIDO through the following protocol: Check process

XOLIDO reserves the right to disclose at any time deemed necessary Xolido information and to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, to satisfy any law, regulation, legal process or request governmental.


By using this Site you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the same User shall not submit any Personal Data through the Site.

XOLIDO reserves the right to change this policy, either to adapt to regulations, legislation or case law that is issued, or to new practices that may arise in the industry. In the event of such amendment, shall make the same XOLIDO either this page or any other similar.


XOLIDO try to maintain, to the extent possible, the legally required security levels for the protection of personal data. It shall aim to install the technical means and measures available to them to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data provided to XOLIDO.

In particular XOLIDO used, notwithstanding that it can take any in the future, security systems, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), allowing, through certificate and encryption systems, verify the authenticity of the sites from which Personal Data requested. The safety system check can be performed by a closed padlock appears in browsers, or the way that they determine to check these levels of security. However, the user must be aware and accepts that Internet security measures or any other communication network are not foolproof.


The Sites may contain links to third party websites ("Linked Sites"). The Linked Sites are not under the control of XOLIDO, and it is not responsible for them or their contents. XOLIDO is not responsible for the webcast or any other form of transmission received from Linked Sites, nor is it responsible if the Linked Site is not working properly, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by XOLIDO Site or any association with its operators.

It is your responsibility to review said privacy statements and conditions of use set forth in the Linked Sites if accessed. If the User becomes aware of any illegal content in a Linked Site, shall inform the competent authority, as well as XOLIDO so you can proceed with the removal of the link to the Linked Site.

User any agreement with third parties (including advertisers) included in the Sites, Products and/or services XOLIDO or participation in promotions, including the delivery of and payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings or promotions, are solely between you and the advertiser or third party. XOLIDO not be liable for such dealings or promotions, or any circumstance that may arise from them. XOLIDO reserves the right to include in the Products and/or Services links to the Sites.


The Sites may contain content published directly by users. These are solely responsible for any circumstances that may arise from the same and its publication. If there is a problem with that (intellectual property rights,...), please be referred to the procedure provided for through the Legal Notice of this Site.


XOLIDO may use "cookies" when the user browses the Sites. These files are associated only with the browser of a specific computer, and do not provide the full name of the user. Thanks to these files can be recognized previously registered user's browser, and thus provide the user browsing the site and can have direct access to areas reserved for registered users...

In any case the user has the ability to configure your browser to be warned when receiving files "cookies" and to prevent their installation on the hard disk. This may refer to the instructions and manuals for the browsers. To use the Sites do not need the user to allow the installation of "cookies" without prejudice in that case the user will need to register each time you want to use a product and / or services that require prior registration.