What can you do?

Certified delivery and secure access of documents

Certified delivery and secure access of documents

You chose on the hands of whom you want your confidential information and documents.


You decide the form of access

  • electronic Certificate
  • decoupled PIN
  • free one-way access

Do control and disable access to your information when you want.

Certified electronic notifications

Certified electronic notifications

Replace certificate letters and certificate faxes.
Save time and money!

Know through electronic evidences the deliver and receipt circumstances by the addressees.

Electronic or digital signature

Electronic or digital signature

"Use all types of signature"

With certificate

  • Handwritten signature (biometric) + signature with certificate
  • Signature with digital certificate

Other signature systems

  • Handwritten signature with timestamp (biometric)
  • Signature with CSV for Public Sector
  • OTP Key, mobile PIN
  • Approval/rejection
  • Other
Request operations to third parties

Ask for a third
party transaction

Ask for a third party transaction
  • Handwritten signature (biometric) + signature with certificate
  • Handwritten signature with timestamp (biometric)
  • Signature with an electronic certificate
  • Approval / Rejection

Xolido®Sign, signature with "electronic certificate"

and with the same legal value than the handwritten signature

Digitalized handwritten signature associated with other document traceability metadata and communications


For your important documents

do always use signature with electronic certificate because it has the same legal value that your handwritten signature.

Other signature systems using Xolido®Sign:

Handwritten signature with timestamp (biometric)

Draw your handwritten signature and perform a digitalised signature without an electronic certificate, reliable on time and associated to the traceability metadata of each document and its communications.

CSV signature for public sector

The CSV system guarantees the unique character of the generated code for each document, its link with the generated document as well as with the signer and the possibility of verifying the document.


Signature of approval/rejection of documents into work-flows associated to the traceability metadata of the specific transaction.

Agreed password systems through

A previous registry as user.

  • User-password
  • PIN
  • Token,...

Electronic exchange of data

On communication closed environments, according to the requirements agreed by the parties.

Using known information

By both parties and any other non-cryptographic system specifically agreed by the parties

  • Example income statement data of your income tax + ID.

For your legal security entail the signature with an electronic certificate

Don’t forget it!

Do it with Xolido®Sign

and without the need of a third party

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Xolido®Sign is used in more than 130 countries

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Increase security, productivity and efficiency on the electronic
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Management of electronic and secure transactions of documents with authenticity

Speed up and expedite your work-flows: notifications, storage, signatures, deliveries... "Reduce errors and costs"

The highest level of legal security

Assure the integrity and validity of your documents when an electronic transaction is made

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flexible and easy

The easiest and smartest way for signing, planning and organising all your documents at any time and in any place