Platform for identification and authentication

Normalised access point for the users to their application using an electronic certificate, a system of agreed password (user/password, PIN), information known by the parties involved or any other non-cryptographic system.

Xolido® Identify - Platform for the identification, authentication and management of entities and identities.

Why Xolido® Identify?

Platform for identification and authentication

Legal security

Maximum guarantee of security and robustness provided for accessing to you applications.

Unified and simple identification

Identification system based on concerted keys (user and password systems) and electronic certificates (including DNIe).

Xolido® Identify - Platform for identification, authentication and management of entities and identities


Ease of integration in your web services.

Trusted service

Ability to provide trust and confidence in the way to access and share identity information.

What does it offer you?

A normalised system for identification and authentication of entities and identities on your own apps and systems

Identification and authenticationPre-agreed keys as a registered user (user/password, PIN, token).

SecurityThe possibility of increasing the security is allowed by the use of double factor or higher determined by the customer.

API Web ServicesWeb Services included for integration and interoperability with your own or third party apps.

Traceability systemsTraceability systems and logs for the transactions are available.