Plans & prices - Technical Support

Annual subscription priceIncluded in the subscription to Xolido Products340,00 € 53.250,00 € 5
Product SupportAll Xolido productsAll Xolido productsAll Xolido products
Webform (queries / incidences)PooledPooledPooled
NO-Xolido technologies related to Xolido products 1 YesYes
Specialized technical support to assist in integration and configuration of products Xolido YesYes
Training courses of Xolido products YesYes
Creation of forms and templates for generating PDF documents in XolidoSign Professional and XolidoSign Corporate YesYes
Consultancy services on electronic signature, time-stamping, verification, electronic certificates and authentication ConsultConsult
Cryptographic forensic audit and analysis services.
(Assessment of signed documents)
Scaling management  Yes
Telephone support  Consult
Specific e-mail with a personalized e-ticket queue  Consult
Remote support  Yes
Maximum initial response time 2 < 24 hours< 4 hours
Number of queries No limitNo limit
Annual support hours 2/3 5 hours50 hours
Extensions Pack 5 hours / 340,00 € 4y5Pack 50 hours / 3.250,00 € 4y5

1 We offer support to help with the isolation of the problem arisen between Xolido products and other NO-Xolido technologies with the aim of trying to solve it to the extent and just according to our technical possibilities and functionalities that Xolido has available in its products environment.

2 The webform and specific e-mail technical support is provided in Spanish and English languages. The telephone and remote support is supplied in Spanish language. Xolido work schedule. (Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 and Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 except holidays and summer time). Spain official time zone.

3 Provision of services by hours: minimum work period 15 minutes.

4 Packs can be added to the subscription product / service contract at any time and shall be valid until the expiry of the annual period of the subscription.

5 Prices exclude all taxes, fees, excise taxes and / or charges imposed now or in the future, either by a national, state, municipal authority or any other public authority and will be borne by the customer.

* Technical Support does not grant the Client any industrial, intellectual or any other type of property rights over the work carried out, or over any Xolido product and/or service, including, but not limited to, the following: XolidoSign Desktop, XolidoSign Professional, XolidoSign Corporate, XolidoSign Gateway, Xolido Identify, Xolido Notify. Xolido is the sole author and owner of any study and/or work carried out in the technical support, of all its rights, as well as those that may derive from them. The studies and work carried out in the technical support are confidential and are subject to the legislation of trade secrets.

* The Xolido Products and/or Services supply Agreement determines the contractual relationship between the parties.