Xolido®Sign Desktop

Program free for signing, verifying and time-stamping documents on your computer

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useful, easy and secure

electronic or digital signature

Use an electronic certificate and sign your documents on the most secure

smart verification

verify the authenticity
of signed documents

time stamp

leave and evidence of the existence
of a document on a concrete time

Xolido®Sign is ideal
for citizens, public administrations and companies

Xolido®Sign Desktop

Xolido®Sign Desktop is a free product, universal, stable, highly tested, with free technical support and with a continuity spirit (launched the 15/03/2010. It has more than 60 updated, being the last the 11/12/2017). It is used in more than 130 countries all over the world. It has a positive answer and acceptance by the Xolido®Sign community, public administrations, private entities, professionals and citizens.

Work with every kind of document without a size limitation

PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG, videos, Excel, PowerPoint, txt files, images, vector designs, files, 3D…...

Works with all types of documents unlimited size

It is an app that you install on your computer being useful as a complementary tool for other apps and telematics procedures that will need of PDF signed electronically and with a time-stamp.

Guarantee the legal value with Xolido®Sign on every electronic step in electronic procedures

Guarantee the legal value Xolido®Sign on every electronic step

  • electronic receipts
  • contracts
  • notifications
  • intellectual Property rights
  • dossiers and records
  • budgets

Xolido®Sign Desktop features

  • User license:


    User license

  • OS:

    Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10

  • Languages:

    Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and Euskera

  • Version:

User support

If you have any doubt about the use of Xolido®Sign Desktop check the frequent questions section.

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Technical information and user licences

Access to the download page to have a look to user manual and free user licenses.

Xolido®Sign is a product registered on:

Product registered: INCIBE National Institute of Cybersecurity and Internet User Security Office (OSI) INTECOINCIBE National Institute of Cybersecurity · Government of Spain · Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce · Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society · 100% owned by the Public Enterprise red.esInternet User Security Office (OSI) INTECO