XolidoSign Desktop

Smart verification

Check signatures, time stamps and correspondence with the documents to which they are associated

XolidoSign Desktop

What is smart verification?

It is an automatic procedure for verifying the electronic or digital signature of the document
     Smart Verification is an automatic procedure for verifying the signature of the document

How do you verify a document using XolidoSign Desktop?

To check on your computer only documents you need the application XolidoSign Desktop and get a detailed report of the verification

Select everything you want to verify and the smart verification system will perform an automatic procedure for matching files, signatures and time-stamps, reporting about the validity state of the signature, stamps and files.

Verification functionalities of XolidoSign Desktop

Check signature without mattering the electronic certificated used.

It supports different types of signature: PKCS7 / CMS / CAdES / XMLDSig / XAdES / Time-stamps RFC 3161 / Timestamps XML OASIS TST.

The verification result is shown through an intuitive interface using colour codes and detailed information easy to understand.

Verify a set of documents or signature just with a click. Simple and convenient.

Detailed report about the verification performed being simple for the user to interpret and know the features of the verification result.

Check the validity of the electronic certification and the revoke state with the issuing entity.

For every professional or citizen: engineers, architects, small and medium size companies, public employees, lawyers, legal clerks, archivists, self-employed, doctors, students, professors, journalists, designers, photographers, writers…

Verify any signed document or file without a size limitation: PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, txt file, html, php, data base, images and pictures, vector designs, 3D files, videos, maps, music...

Verify the time-stamp of the document without mattering who is the issuing entity.

It supports PDF documents signed both with an external or an embedded signature.

With XolidoSign Desktop you can verify the signature
of files and documents

Guarantee using XolidoSign the document authorship

Ensures legal certainty with XolidoSign in electronic transactions

Verify the documents signed electronically with XolidoSign!

  • electronic receipts
  • contracts
  • notifications
  • dossiers and records
  • budgets