Strength in numbers

Why Xolido

Technology changes, principles do not

  • Our mission is to make electronic or digital signature, certified communications and secure access to documents universally accessible to everyone.
  • Imagination, dreaming and thinking big is our soul.The creative process of innovating and finding new ways of doing things, generating value in a world of continuous change and being effective in the short term is our heart. Technological humanism, transversal knowledge and teamwork form the basis of the people who make up Xolido.
  • Our strategy is specialization, innovation, leadership, creating quality and efficient products. Our commitment is to the needs of the client and the people who use our products.

Xolido means commitment, closeness, resilience, innovation, integrity, honesty and passion.Our people generate value by providing their expertise to overcome challenges and constantly innovate for a common goal.In short, Xolido is trust.