IT Infrastructure & Systems

Xolido has IT infrastructure with technology to deploy systems in a flexible, dynamic and highly secure platform to offer fast, strong and efficient services.

IT Infrastructure

Xolido is registered in the Registry of Electronic Communications Operators of the CNMC (the Spanish National Commission for the Market and the Competition), with authorization to provide electronic communications services.

IT infrastructure for the provision of the referred services has the following certifications for quality and information security:

ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 50001:2011 y PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1.

Feel safe

  • Xolido provides a quality service endorsed among other facts by a commitment to offer some demanding parameters in terms of availability, reliability, the latency of your connection and the times of provision of the service.
  • Our servers are continually monitorized for any possible problem and fix it as soon as possible.
  • Logical security is another of our priorities, and work to prevent security breaches that could cause outages or information leaks.
  • We offer dedicated VLANs for systems with separate traffic and isolated from other customers.
  • We perform encrypted backups of systems to retrieve information in case of disaster.
  • Our infrastructure for European customers is in Spain, and complies with the regulations in areas such as the Data Protection Act, etc. For LATAM and North America regions, we can offer service from USA.
Xolido with the guarantee of “quality, security and reliability”

Technical and legal considerations


  • Xolido shall carry out the necessary modifications in the Products and/or services they supply to their adaptation to technical progress, technological or other reasons.
  • Xolido reserves the right to change at any time the characteristics of the sleeve as it deems appropriate for the benefit of the service itself, may change the security, location, connectivity and any other for accommodation.
  • In any case Xolido Customers may contact to be informed about the changes that may affect them, both related to housing and the rest of Goods or Services provided by Xolido.
  • If the client needs to consult the features for the hosting service that pays Xolido at a given time may be sought through notification XOLIDO reserves the right not to supply technical data that may be considered confidential and reserved.


  • Both HOUSING mode, as in the CLIENT HOSTING will be responsible for all purposes of the files, meaning by this: files, file, data, code, applications, databases and any other electronic format could come to be stored in the accommodation, including use policies, access, treatment and safety of those (users and passwords, temporary files) as well as compliance with regulations.
  • The CUSTOMER is the owner, responsible, user, manager of security regarding treatment or files, giving Xolido to any such delegation of entitlements, responsibilities or any other by the CUSTOMER in relation to files not explicitly taken.
  • To ensure the proper functioning and security of servers from which provides its services Xolido ACCOMMODATION Xolido reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the storage of FILES ACCOMMODATION in certain formats or treatments.
  • CUSTOMER Xolido only provides the technical infrastructure for the Housing Service in their servers, not being responsible for the files to be stored in the housing.