Xolido® Platform

Secure unified access portal

For electronic sites about public administrations and companies who wish to have both a secure web access unified.

Xolido® Platform - Secure unified access portal

Why Xolido® Platform?

Secure & unified access portal


Remote secure access to the corporate network of your company: mail management, content, files, custom applications, etc ...


Easy and simple configuration, implementation and centralized management.


A unique solution ... with unlimited possibilities.

Xolido® Platform - Secure unified access portal


Updatable information immediately, without limits and without dependence on third parties.

Evolution guarantee

Update of versions without cost for the client.


It offers greatest flexibility, freedom and unlimited options. Its unique technology and permanent updating allows you to always be ahead of others.

What does it offer you?

A unified secure web access point, for electronic sites of public administrations and companies

Secure portalProvides a secure unified access portal to services for public administrations and businesses, applications and servicers.

Access to informationEnsuring the accuracy and integrity of information access, electronic documents and procedures available on the agency or organization.

IntegrationWith the ability to integrate their applications and / or systems in the IT Xolido® Platform Infrastructure.