Xolido Trust

Trust platform to preserve electronic evidence

Intermediate system that behaves as a trustee third party in the transactions and procedures of your organization, both in a private and in an external sphere.

Xolido Trust - Trust platform to preserve electronic evidence

Why Xolido Trust?

Trust platform to preserve electronic evidence


Cryptographic operations for securing the transmitted data (dissociated security information and operation identification codes).

Electronic evidence

Traceability of incoming and outgoing communications and transaction certificate.

Xolido Trust - Trust platform to preserve electronic evidence

Your trusted third party

Acts as a neutral entity to guarantee and safeguard reliable communications between sender and recipient.

Integration and interoperability

Ease of integration in your web services.

What does it offer you?

Intermediate system that acts as a trusted third party by adding electronic evidence in the transactions and processes of your organization, both internal and external

Input interfacesThe working mechanism receives a variety of data through the log-in interfaces.

Cryptographic operationsAlways assuring its security through cryptographic.

SecurityIt adds dissociated security information and identifiers codes for each operation.

Output interfacesAfter finishing the processes, the needed information will be given back to the addressee’s system using the log-out interfaces.

Traceability systemRegisters the traceability of every communication, assuring the availability of logs in the communications and users’ entries. Furthermore, it will generate a certificate of each transaction that will be kept on the system for future and further reliable verifications.

API Web ServicesIt has Web Services mechanisms for its integration and interoperability with its own applications or third parties.