Xolido Newsletter (December 20, 2018). Xolido wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

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Xolido wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

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XolidoSign Corporate and Professional

New features

Possibility of choosing language in email of sending to third parties. It allows to send emails in the language desired for each recipient. Available both in "Operations with third parties" as in "Operations circuit".

Improvement in the speed of the signature process.

Notices about resource consumption. The system will notify the user when it is close to finalizing the contracted resources.

Restrict signature to NIF (s) in circuits. When a signature circuit is performed, it allows to restrict the requested signature operation to the NIF (s) indicated in the enabled field.

Operations circuits. Flows of operations (Signature, delivery, approval, etc.) which may involve both internal users to the application (including user making it flow) and external users who act as guests.

Reminders. It allows to configure notices for both the requestor of the operation, who will receive an email with all the operations requested and not yet performed, and to remind third parties that they have an operation pending to be performed. Set up automatic reminder submissions or make manual reminders with a single click.

Send reminders to another email. Send the reminder to an alternative email to the original.

Upload of documents. Improved document upload interface, more intuitive and practical.

Signing in circuits and operations to third parties. It allows to visualize the signature positions in the circuits and operations to third parties. When defining a signature position in a document, if they already exist, they will be displayed when defining new visible marks.


Maximum signature guarantees

Use Signature with electronic certificate + Handwritten signature (biometric)

Innovative solution of the XolidoSign Technology that achieves better legal scope, by joining both signatures in a single signature process.

You can also use biometric signature without electronic certificate. Choose handwritten signature with timestamp and you will have the guarantees of the signature without the need of an electronic certificate.

New administration area XolidoSign Corporate

XolidoSign Corporate releases new administration area. More intuitive, modern, operative and agile. 

Documents, operations with third parties, templates, procedures, circuits, notifications, folders, access, users, unattended signature, SOAP clients, configuration, consumption, general log, web access log, documents log, manuals.

For more information see the XolidoSign Corporate Administrator Manual in the administration area.


Xolido Mailyzer

With date 12.31.2018 is given low product Xolido Mailyzer. 

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