Xolido Newsletter (May 7, 2019). Xolido selected for Cyber Investor Day in Madrid, 14 May

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Xolido selected for Cyber Investor Day in Madrid, 14 May

The Cyber Investor Day de Madrid, organised by The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) in collaboration with the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), gathers European pure-player cyber security startups, investors and national government representatives with the aim to facilitate an access to finance and investment opportunities.

Xolido participates in Cyber Investor Day proposing a new and ambitious electronic signature project, XolidoSign Plus, which aims to attract European and international investors.

XolidoSign Plus is a global and unified electronic signature platform with advanced software engine/AI that manages the processes of identification, authentication and restrictions, ensuring that the signer is who should be and providing legal certainty to all parties, regardless of the legal frameworks involved. The predictive legal model of XolidoSign Plus determines the legal scope and will ensure strict compliance with all legislation, related to electronic signatures, in force in each country, in a transparent way for the user.

XolidoSign Plus can be integrated in any system, supports all types of files (PDF, DOC, XML, JPG, MP4, etc.), types of signature (electronic certificate, biometric, OTP PIN, CSV for public sector, etc.), signature formats (PAdES, XAdES, CadES, etc) and multi device.

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XolidoSign Desktop in Nederlands

With the official collaboration of the Belgian State Council (Raad van State van België - Conseil d'Etat de la Belgique), XolidoSign Desktop has been translated into Nederlands or also known as Flamenco.

Download XolidoSign Desktop for free at:

XolidoSign Corporate and Professional

New functionalities

Lists and contacts for shipments to third parties. Streamline your shipments to third parties using lists and contacts. Manage lists and contacts on a personal or global level. Use it in the circuits of operations.

Share documents.Share your documents with any of the users of the system. Users who share a document will have the same access and will be able to see the status, logs, etc. of the original document.

Multiple emails in one recipient sent to third parties. In a sending to third parties or circuit (external node) for each recipient we can enter several emails separated by ",". The same email will be sent to the specified addresses.

Order of participants in workflows: Behaviour has been modified when adding a new participant in a operations circuit or in operations with third parties.

To be more intuitive with workflows, the order of new participants is incremental by default.

Free trial XolidoSign Professional:

Administration zone XolidoSign Corporate and Professional

· REMEMBER that you can define your policy of evidentiary symmetry and signature, for example:

Embed biometric signature in PDFs. he biometric signature files are included as attachments to the signed pdf. Anyone who has the pdf document has an encrypted and timestamped version of the files containing the biometric signatures of the document.

Signature only with certificates of NO repudiation. If activated, it will only be possible to sign with certificates that include the purpose of "Non-repudiation".

· USE:

Changes control. See the configuration of the modifications made between two dates.

For more information please refer to the XolidoSign Administrator's Manual in the administration area.

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