Xolido Newsletter (June 6, 2019). Welcome to the Digital Transformation

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XolidoSign the solution for electronic signature, certified delivery, secure access to documents and workflows that will help you Digital Transformation of your business.

If you are an SME, lawyer's office, consultancy, professional association, etc., you will be tired of hearing these two words "Digital Transformation" and the benefits they bring to the organizations that implement them.

SMEs or small businesses tend to be more reluctant to implement a new management model, either because they find it difficult to adapt to new changes or because it implies an excessive cost that they cannot afford.

But Digital Transformation is a fact that cannot be ignored and we must all adapt, because it depends on making our businesses more competitive.

Moreover the cost is no excuse with XolidoSign solutions. From only 120 €/year + taxes you can implement the electronic signature, certified delivery, secure access to documents and workflows operations and all this in the simplest, easiest and safest way to use.


From Xolido we know very well the environment of SMEs and therefore we want to help you take the first step in the world of Digital Transformation through XolidoSign Technology.

Implement our XolidoSign solutions and you will be able to automate your productive processes improving and increasing the competitiveness of your organization or business.

- Cost reduction: no need to send paper documentation, no need to print, no need to scan, etc.

- Time reduction by not having to move.

- Real time transactions speeding up your operations.

- More security in your processes.

- From any device: computer, tablet, mobile.

- Sign anytime, anywhere.

- Flows of operations with multiple participants.

- Electronic evidence reports.

- Traceability.

- Implement it in any department of your company.

- Easy and simple to use.

Improving business processes and increasing the competitiveness of companies is one of the objectives of the Digital Transformation. Integrate the business management of your business with the XolidoSign signature platform and perform automated signature tasks and flows.


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