Xolido Newsletter (July 9, 2019). We release a new image! XolidoSign Corporate y XolidoSign Professional

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XolidoSign Corporate y XolidoSign Professional

Try it now! We release a new image, more modern and intuitive.

Change to the new version from "Preferences"> Theme> Blanco

Now you choose which design you want to work with, "Azul" with which you have been working until now or "Blanco" with the new image of your XolidoSign.

XolidoSign Professional: https://professional.xolidosign.com


In addition we have other new functionalities

- Approval / rejection with visible mark and time stamp. Now you have the option to insert a visible mark when a user approves or rejects a document, including time stamp for added security. You can also set the text you want to appear in the visible mark image.

In addition, the recipient of the operation can optionally add a comment on the approval or rejection. These comments will be visible in the document tab > Operations, for internal users of the service, and for external users in the operation screen > History.

- New system of operation reminders for internal and external users. From the document tab > Operations, you will have the option of sending a reminder of the requested operations pending to be executed.

No need to redo the circuit, click on the button "Send reminder" to remind the user that an operation is pending. Easy and fast!

- Homogenization of operation request emails for internal users. When it requires operations to an internal user, this one will receive an email similar to the one that now receives an external user, with a direct link to the document on which it has to make the operation.

More agile and operative, by directly accessing the document on which the operation has to be performed.

- Download files. Possibility of downloading, from the administration area, all system documents or documents modified between two dates. This download allows you to obtain a copy of your documents.

- Possibility not to receive the "standard" emails of the system. If you want to reduce the reception of emails from the system, now you have the option to configure the service not to receive emails from "New document", "Circuit started", etc.

Configure it from the Administration > Users > Preferences > Block standard emails.

- Improvements in the mobile interface and pc.

- New SOAP method to delete documents and to obtain extended information of a document.

For more information please consult our manuals and video-tutorials.


XolidoSign Professional, your electronic or digital signature program, secure sending of documents and operations with third parties.

Try it for free, for 15 days.

Save time and money and increase the competitiveness of your business.

Contribute to a more sustainable environment #ZEROPAPER

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