Xolido Newsletter July 26th, 2019. Xolido participates in the round table on Mobile Security organized by AMETIC and SAMSUNG

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Xolido participates in the round table on Mobile Security organized by AMETIC and SAMSUNG

The round table on Mobile Security, organised by AMETIC and SAMSUNG, in which experts in cybersecurity from companies and public administrations such as INCIBE, Samsung, BBVA and the National Cryptology Centre (CCN) participated, analysed the keys to security in mobility.

Participants in the meeting, moderated by José Helguero, vice-president of AMETIC's Cybersecurity Commission, pointed out the importance of promoting cybersecurity at the business, consumer and institutional levels.

Luis Carlos Ganso, General Manager of Xolido, a company specialized in information security and concerned about cybersecurity in the digital world, has exposed the problems in the identification and signature with electronic certificate in mobile phones and his vision for the user experience to be simple and smooth.

Electronic certificates are a very useful and secure tool in identification and signature processes. Europe has made an important legislative effort for their use and recognition.

Smartphones are becoming the main job tool for many workers and security when using it is essential.Onlinetransactions with mobiledevices increase exponentially and the use of electronic certificate becomes essential.The use of electronic certificate in smartphones will increase with the support and joint work of the mobile devices manufacturers, developers of web standards and browsers, as well as the operating systems that use these devices.

David Alonso, Director of Companies at Samsung Spain, answered positively to this approach, stressing that for Samsung, security has always been a priority, both from a business and user point of view, and that companies regardless of their size must have a security strategy.

For José Miguel Loste, of the Centro Criptológico Nacional (CCN), the most important thing is always prevention, thus raising the level of protection.

Marco Lozano, head of companies and professionals at INCIBE, highlighted Europe's role in promoting mechanisms that allow users, companies and institutions to have a robust level of cybersecurity so that, in the event of cyberincidents, they cause the least possible impact. He also pointed out that, in addition to focusing on making devices functional and easy to use, they must also be secure.

The representative of BBVA Spain, Alejandro J. Figueroa, Head of Corporate Security & Engineering Risk, stressed the need to guarantee the confidentiality of customers' personal data and pointed out that "all companies are working to achieve the best security status for all the data and information we handle. We must use agile service methodologies for everyone".

All participants at the table opted to increase and apply security measures and policies so that the user is less vulnerable to possible attacks, so the use of electronic certificate in online transactions is essential if we want to protect our identity.



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