News release - Xolido is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation of companies in electronic signature, certified communications and electronic identification in 13ENISE


The Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, Francisco Polo, closed the thirteenth edition of the International Meeting on Information Security, 13ENISE, organized by the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), in which more than 2500 professionals and entrepreneurs have met one more year in León, which consolidates ENISE as a meeting point of reference in the sector of Cybersecurity.

During these two days Xolido has had the opportunity to see that there is still a lot of work to do in the Digital Transformation of SMEs, professionals, and so on. The fear of undertaking new forms of work, whether due to ignorance, the reluctance of their employees to carry them out or because the structures of larger companies force them to carry out a very complex contracting protocol, means that we are not yet at the forefront of digitalisation.

Xolido from his knowledge and experience has reached the participants of 13ENISE, the importance of undertaking the Digital Transformation in the company, law firms, engineers, etc.., digitizing, integrating and automatingbusiness processes to streamline, simplify, save and what is most important to provide security to the management and administrative procedures of any company, department, through the electronic signature, certified communications and sending and secure access to documents.

The integration of the electronic signature with certificate or biometrics in the own systems of the companies has numerous advantages: - It allows greater control and connection by the client of their environment. - It simplifies and streamlines business processes. - Cost reduction, as it does not require investment in new software, but is integrated into the one the client already has. - Better adaptation on the part of the employees when integrating it in applications of daily use. - Greater competitiveness as it allows for a reduction in task execution time.

In the talk offered by the Head of Support and User Experience, Javier Ganso Carpintero, under the title: "Digital Identity: are we cells or are we bits?", the importance of identifying ourselves with the maximum legal guarantees to avoid impersonation was emphasized.

The different and multiple technologies that exist at the time of identifying us digitally and the vulnerabilities of each one of them were approached.

For example, in the case of authentication with biometric features (fingerprint, retina, facial recognition, etc.) if the attacker steals these biometric features will have them forever as they can not be revoked and are unique to each person for his entire life.

Xolido is committed to the use of the Electronic Certificate, as the basis for a robust authentication and maximum legal guarantee, accompanied by other authentication methods. The combination of several authentication methods will give us greater security when identifying ourselves.

The advantages of the electronic certificate are numerous, among others: - Issued by a Certification Authority. - According to the European legislative model (eIDAS). - Possibility of maximum legal scope. - Revocation, in case of theft of credentials. - Cryptographic protection, possibility of renewing algorithms if they are not secure. - Can contain universal identifiers.

Xolido solutions are prepared to offer maximum legal and security guarantees, electronic signatures with electronic certificate and legal scope, certified communications with non-repudiation and with all the traceability of communication,delivery and secure access of documents, with electronic evidence, confidential access and authentication.

13ENISE has been one more year a first level event in national and international Cybersecurity.

With its own stand at the Trade Show, Xolido considers this type of event fundamental. Besides bringing together companies from the Cybersecurity sector, it is also an opportunity for companies from other sectors, professionals and citizens to get to know first hand what solutions they can implement in their companies to increase productivity and competitiveness.


13ENISE. De izda. a dcha. José Antonio Díez, Alcalde de León, Francisco Polo, Secretario de Estado para el Avance Digital, Alberto Hernández, Director General de INCIBE, Luis Carlos Ganso, Director General de Xolido, y personal del equipo Xolido.

Stand Xolido 13ENISE. From left to right. José Antonio Díez, Mayor of León, Francisco Polo, Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, Alberto Hernández, General Manager of INCIBE, Luis Carlos Ganso, General Manager of Xolido, and staff of the Xolido team.