Xolido Newsletter November 22, 2019 - Campaign #Españavaciada

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Campaign #Españavaciada


Xolido says NO to rural depopulation

Because we need them and because they need us, Xolido launches the campaign "For me and for all my companions of the emptied Spain".

20% bonus on all XolidoSign solutions.
For companies and professionals with headquarters and residence in towns with less than 5000 inhabitants.

We help organizations in their #DigitalTransformation processes by offering reliable solutions for electronic signatures, certified communications and electronic identification.


For a rural world full of life!!

Xolido supports the rural environment with a 20% bonus in solutions for Digital Transformation

Digitization, a priority for companies residing in rural areas to compete on equal terms



Depopulation is one of the most important challenges we face in Spain.
People as well as companies and other professionals look for what we believe is best for our environment and whether for lack of services, for employment or comfort, villages are left empty and people migrate to big cities.

The loss of population that the rural milieu has been suffering over the last few decades must be stopped if we do not want rural centres to cease to have life.

Paradoxically, we have always heard that life in the village is healthier, in fact, when there are bridges or festivities the urbanites seek refuge in the villages to rest, relax and as a source of respite and detoxification from the urban world.

If it is true that life in the villages is health and quality of life, why emigrate? Let's do something so that the people who want to live in the village live as dignifiedly as in the city, with all the services that the urban world offers us.

Society faces one of the most important demographic challenges in the era of Industry 4.0 and that is to fix population in the rural environment.

We must prevent the digital divide between rural and urban areas from widening further and measures must be taken so that we all have the same opportunities.

Improving technological communications, ensuring adequate coverage of both Internet and mobile telephony is essential for them to develop and undertake the #DigitalTransformation.

Getting industries, businesses, professionals to establish their headquarters and residence in rural areas is essential to create employment and thus fix population, but that this happens is everyone's responsibility.

Xolido does not forget its roots, as its headquarters is located in Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid) in the heart of Tierra de Campos, and wants to do its bit by helping companies, professionals and citizens in general who live in rural areas, to undertake the #DigitalTransformation of their business.

The #DigitalTransformation is a great opportunity that no one can or should give up if they want to remain at the forefront of their sector.

To this end we have launched the campaign #Españavaciada, with which Xolido aims to bring the #DigitalTransformation to the rural environment, making a 20% discount bonus for hiring any product XolidoSign, for residents in towns less than 5000 inhabitants.

From Xolido we help organizations in their digital transformation processes by offering reliable solutions for electronic signatures, certified communications and electronic identification.

The digitization of business activity will streamline and simplify the administrative processes of signing contracts, budgets, purchase orders, ensuring communications, etc., without travel, without paper storage, which will allow us to reduce time and costs.

Xolido is committed to a living rural world with equal opportunities and regardless of where we live.



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