Xolido Newsletter 30/01/2020 - New functionalities XolidoSign Desktop "Customized visible mark and absolute position"

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New functionalities in Xolido®Sign Desktop

"Customized visible mark"


The new version of Xolido®Sign Desktop is loaded with a functionality that many have been requiring us: that the visible signature mark could be customized.


Customize however you want:


- Set free text
- Add your digitized signature, your logo, your seal, ...
- Insert fields defined in the program (Signer, reason, location, date, etc.)
- or combine all the options

Signature customizedSignature customized


New position of visible mark

"Absolute position"


Until now, Xolido®Sign Desktop had the predefined positions in the drop-down list (bottom left, bottom right, ...) and the relative position. This new version includes a new position: "Absolute Position".


Absolute position


The position is fixed by absolute coordinates, by a reference point in the document and another reference point in the visible mark.

The dimensions of the visible mark, in the case of absolute coordinates, shall be specified manually, e.g. 30x70 mm.


The physical size of the document to be signed will be the one declared in the PDF file. In the case of batch signatures, the size declared in the PDF will be auto-detected for each of the files.

Absolute positionAbsolute position

Update your version of Xolido®Sign Desktop now and start enjoying these new features!


Define absolute position and customize signature:

1. Set absolute position.


Set visible mark


2. Position: Absolute.

Set visible mark


3. Set signature content. Signature text: custom > Define

Set visible markSet visible mark


Discover all these options in detail in the Xolido®Sign Desktop User Manual.
Download it from the application itself at: About XolidoSign > Manual


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