Xolido Newsletter 27/03/2020 - XolidoSign useful and necessary in COVID-19. Electronic Signature and Certified Communications

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XolidoSign useful and necessary in COVID-19
Electronic Signature and Certified Communications


Do not let the coronavirus stop the business activity, use XolidoSign for administrative, commercial and labor management.


XolidoSign helps to work keeping alive the activity of the company and allows to formalize all types of operations with customers, suppliers and employees.


It speeds up and simplifies the administrative, commercial and labour processes of signing contracts, company minutes, communications with employees regarding reductions in working hours due to care of relatives, ERTES, etc., and everything online.

Electronic signature and certified communications

Xolido has always been committed to society, and now more than ever we want to support and help everyone by providing free products of Electronic Signature and Certified Communications to mitigate the negative effects of this health crisis, economic and social.



(15 days free + 20% off)

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Find the electronic signature and certified communications product that best suits your needs at www.en.xolido.com


We hope you and your families, friends and colleagues will be healthy and encouraged in these difficult times.


Together we will defeat the COVID-19!


your signature program, certified communications
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