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New email


New mail template


We renew the design of the e-mail that is sent to the recipient, to require him to perform the operation that is requested.

We have incorporated a more attractive and friendly image that improves the user experience.


It is up to you to choose either the classic or the modern template.

You can set your template from the administration area.
My account > Settings > Email > Email Template.



Require document


It allows you to send the recipient a form asking for a series of data to be filled in. Once completed, the recipient will generate the document and complete his or her participation by carrying out the operation requested by the sender, which may be: signature, approval, etc.

Forget about paper and digitize your administrative processes!
Save time and costs!
Comfortable, easy and safe!


If you want to automate any management process contact us at soporte@xolidosign.com


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