Xolido Newsletter 16/07/2020 - Electronic signature, key element for the Digital Transformation

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Electronic signature,
key element for the Digital Transformation

Xolido offers innovative solutions for electronic signatures, certified electronic communications and electronic identification.

XolidoSign technology facilitates any process of electronic signature and certified electronic communication with full legal and security guarantees.

In these complicated moments due to the Covid-19, electronic signature and certified electronic communications are a key factor for the Digital Transformation as they are allowing to reduce travel and more importantly, help companies to continue with their efforts.

The electronic signature is one of the main tools that have driven the digitization of administrative processes in all sectors.


Synchronize business activity with administrative management


The incorporation of electronic signature systems in the administrative management allows to automate many processes that until now were carried out manually.

Real estateSector, digital signature of purchase and sale contracts, deposit contracts, rentals, visit sheets, purchase orders and offers.

Insurance and FinanceSector, digital signature of insurance policies, updating of conditions, opening of accounts, SEPA mandates, acceptance of general conditions.

Health and Social Services Sector, digital signature of informed consents, clinical reports, medical examinations.

Legal and Professional Services Sector, digital signature of corporate documents, projects, plans, reports, certifications.

Human Resources Department, signing of employment contracts, payroll, permits, settlements, confidentiality agreements, occupational risk prevention regulations, data protection consent, account authorizations.

Industry Sector, digital signature of sales contracts, renting, commercial agreements and protocols, commissioning, execution orders, inspection certificates, claim of unpaid bills.

Public Sector, electronic signature of calls, academic titles, grants, authorizations and justifications, agreements, technical documents.

Trade Sector, digital signature of contracts, budgets, supplier registrations, cancellations and returns, rate updates, SEPA direct debit.


Protect the value of your work


The advantages of the use of electronic signatures are countless: online contracting, faster agreement closure, no paper, no travel, time savings, reduced management costs, transaction security, improved customer experience, etc.

In short, the digital transformation is here to stay and one of its main assets, the digital signature, provides legal security and greater confidence in all online transactions.

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