Xolido Newsletter 10/09/2020 - New course, new goals. XolidoSign, digital transformation in a single application

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New course, new goals
XolidoSign, digital transformation in a single application

Digitize and simplify the administrative management of your company with the Electronic Signature and Certified Electronic Communications.


A new course begins, marked by the health situation of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of how the pandemic will evolve.

Don't let the COVID-19 define your agenda, if you want your business to be one step ahead, implement the Digital Transformation right now and decide how you want to organize your work.


Digital transformation in a single application


Electronic signature, certified electronic communications, workflows, signature circuits, document requirements, etc.


Automate your contract signing process, sign it online and have it signed by a third party within minutes. No need to resend the contract, with a single sending of the signature request it will be available to both the sender and the receiver. In addition, you can track the signature status and see instantly if it has been accessed, viewed or signed.


Sign where you want, when you want, as you want


And for your communications requiring acknowledgement of receipt, Certified Electronic Communications. Securely certify your electronic communications, leaving a record of their delivery, and with access to electronic evidence of sending, receipt and delivery to their recipients.

Confidentiality Agreements, Employee Communications, Debt Claims, Informed Consents, Meeting Calls, etc.


It provides legal certainty to your shipments in an easy and economical way.


And moreover,

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