Newsletter Xolido 23/11/2020 - Black Friday Week: Take advantage and implement the Digital Transformation in your company!


Black Friday Week
Take advantage and implement the Digital Transformation in your company


Electronic signature, certified communications and electronic identification


Do you still print your documents to sign and mail?


Forget about paper and digitize your administrative processes.


Connect your business with your customers


XolidoSign Professional allows you to automate internal and external processes of your organization by streamlining and simplifying administrative, commercial and labor procedures of signing contracts, certificates, budgets, corporate minutes, payroll, communications with employees, etc., and all online from anywhere and from any device.


Electronic signatures with legal validity and compliance with the legal framework established by the eIDAS regulation.


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What XolidoSign Professional offers you 


What XolidoSign Professional offers you:


  • Electronic signature: with certificate, handwritten (biometric), you choose the signature at any time.
  • Certified communications.
  • Evidence reports.
  • Cloud certificates.
  • Signature circuits and workflows.
  • Secure electronic verification codes (CVS).
  • Access control to information sent to third parties.
  • 1.200 electronic signature operations.
  • 600 notifications.
  • 1 GB of space.


Many more functionalities!


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