Avoid the falsification for your reports and/or certificates with electronic signature and QR and CVE codes

Maximum security for your reports and/or certificates with electronic signature and QR and CVE codes

The issuance of reports and/or certificates collect sensitive and confidential information that require maximum security so that they cannot be falsified by third parties.

Every day, public administrations, companies, professionals, etc. emit a multitude of reports and/or certificates:

  • Medical reports
  • Laboratory reports:
    • Clinical analyses
    • Paternity testing
    • Covid-19 tests (PCR, antigens,...)
    • DNA tests
    • Food analysis
    • Water analysis
    • Environmental microbiology analysis
    • Soil analysis, agricultural, ...
  • Technical reports
  • Financial reports
  • Audit reports
  • Commercial reports
  • Working life reports
  • Certificates of study
  • Training course certificates
  • Company certificates
  • Professionalism certificates
  • Etc.

maintain the integrity and reliabilityof your reports and/or certificates and that they cannot be manipulated, it is essential that they can be checked against their electronic original. In order to verify them with the original document, they must include a Secure Verification Code (SVC).

Clinical analyses

A CVE is a set of characters that uniquely identifies a document. This code is printed on each and every page and allows the authenticity of the paper document to be checked against the original electronic document.


From Xolido we offer you XolidoSign Professional and XolidoSign Corporate products with which you can guarantee the integrity of reports and / or certificates with electronic signature and the introduction of QR and CVE codes so it can be checked against your electronic original.

The original electronic document will be accessible by any authority or person with the CVE code, verifying the authenticity of the document at the address indicated.

CVE (Código de verificación electrónico)SVC (Secure Verification Code):
Verify and download the document at:

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