Xolido Webinar: Digital Identity, are we cells or are we bits?

Webinar Xolido: Identidad Digital, ¿somos células o somos bits?

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 | from 11:00 to 12:00 hours

In collaboration with the Malaga Chamber of Commerce, which acts as the Acelera Pyme Office of Red.es, we will give the webinar "Digital identity, are we cells or are we bits?".

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Objectives of the conference:
  • To bring SMEs and freelancers closer to the advantages of implementing digital transformation with electronic signatures, certified communications and electronic identification.
  • To understand what Digital Identity is and how our identity is formed in the network.
  • Explain the difference between Identification and Authentication, two processes that we use almost daily when accessing any application.
  • Digital identity: What is it? Who are we on the Internet?.
  • Identification and authentication: Meaning and differences.
  • Electronic signature: What is electronic signature, types of signature and legal validity.
  • Use cases and technological solutions.
Webinar Xolido: Identidad Digital, ¿somos células o somos bits?

XOLIDO Webinar:
DIGITAL IDENTITY, are we cells or are we bits?


This webinar is part of the Acelera Pyme Office of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce. Offices launched within the Acelera Pyme Office Program in collaboration with Red.es, with the aim of promoting the digital transformation of SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs, through the adoption of a culture, use and permanent use of ICT's in their business strategies.


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