Tip of the month (June 2023) - XolidoSign Corporate, save your certificates in the cloud and sign from wherever you want

Save your signature certificates in the XolidoSign Corporate Cloud

Save your certificates in the cloud

This functionality, in addition to providing total security, allows you to work in a more comfortable and easy way.

You will be able to store the certificates to be used in XolidoSign Corporate, assigning each user his own.

Advantages of cloud certificates:

  • Maximum security standards.
  • Always available wherever you are when using XolidoSign Corporate.
  • Being in the cloud, it is accessible from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC) without the need to have them configured on it.
  • Control in the use of each digital certificate.
Guarda tus certificados de firma en la nube de XolidoSign Corporate

This option allows you to store the certificates in the cloud with total security to have them available in the XolidoSign Corporate service.

You decide where you want to store them:

  • Xolido Cloud: certificates are stored in the Xolido cloud.
  • Azure Key Vault: certificates are stored in the Azure cloud.
  • Azure Key Vault HSM: certificates are stored in Azure Key Vault HSM.

As XolidoSign Corporate Service administrator you can easily configure them from the administration area: Other resources > User certificates > Add certificate.

If you need help or more information to configure the certificates, please contact us.