Why integrate XolidoSign electronic signature in your applications and management systems?

In this article, we will explore what an electronic signature API is and how its integration into management software brings significant benefits.

The electronic signature has become an essential tool for the management of documents and transactions in the business world. If before we needed several days to have a contract signed by all parties, now with the digital signature agreements are closed in a matter of minutes.

But, what if we also do these actions from the business management programs we use on a daily basis?

Great, isn't it? Well, the only thing we have to do is to integrate XolidoSign electronic signature in the applications and systems we use in our company.

XolidoSign electronic signature has API Web Services that will allow us to integrate the signature in our software.

What is an API?

An API "Application Programming Interface" is a set of protocols and standards that will enable the connection between two different applications allowing communication between them.

In this way we will be able to integrate the XolidoSign electronic signature API in your management software generating a connection between the two programs.

Among other operations we will be able to request the signature of a document to a user (customer, supplier, employee, etc.) from the business management software (CRM, payroll program, accounting, real estate program, insurance program, recovery program, etc.) with a single action and without having to use multiple programs.

Useful for integration in all sectors and departments

Integrate XolidoSign electronic signature in any sector of activity and in any department of your company.

From sectors such as Industry, Insurance and Finance, Real Estate, Public Sector, Health and Social Services, Legal and Professional Services, Commerce, Education, Debt Collection companies, etc.

Company departments, such as Accounting, Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, etc.

In short, for any business or activity that requires electronic signature of documents.

API XolidoSign

Advantages of integrating XolidoSign electronic signature in your programs

  • Automation of processes and workflows.
  • Allows streamlining and simplifying administrative processes.
  • Corporate customization of the tools to be used.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Time and cost reduction.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Improved security and legality of signed documents.
  • Increased traceability and control over signed documents.

XolidoSign products with electronic signature API

XolidoSign Corporate

Electronic signature program, certified communications, signature circuits and workflows.

The API Web Services of the XolidoSign Corporate service allows to automate the basic operations of sending, receiving and operation with external files to the service.

The implemented services are classified according to the following functionalities:

  • Document sending services and associated metadata. Automated uploading to the cloud repository of documents with their associated metadata, automatically associating them to a user, a procedure or a notification.
  • Services for requesting operations on documents. They allow to request third parties to perform operations on a document (electronic signature with certificate, handwritten signature with time stamp, approval/rejection, sending of notification).
  • Document and associated metadata retrieval services. They allow automated retrieval of documents from the web service, for their redundant copying to other systems, etc.
  • User administration services. For the remote performance of user management tasks.


XolidoSign Gateway

Service to integrate electronic or digital signature online in your own applications and systems.

The Web Services API of XolidoSign Gateway service allows to automate the basic operation of sending documents and data, start operation and obtain results of electronic signature of documents from external applications and systems.

The sending interface allows the automated upload to XolidoSign Gateway of those documents that need to be electronically signed in a specific operation.
The operations interface allows to register an operation with one or more associated documents, obtain the status of the operation at any time and automatically retrieve the resulting documents from the XolidoSign Gateway service.

API XolidoSign

Integrating e-signatures through an API into management software offers significant benefits to organizations in terms of agility, efficiency, security and legal compliance. By removing the obstacles associated with traditional signature processes, e-signature management software enables more efficient and secure document management, boosting productivity and improving the user experience.