New properties in SOAP users

New SOAP user features for downloading documents.

Different options that allow us to download/delete all documents or only those of a specific internal user.

  • "Only your documents": the SOAP user can only download documents that the user himself has generated (regardless of the internal users he is associated with).
  • "Act as the user": supports the option "all" (default) or one of the system users. In this case, the SOAP user will only be able to add/download/delete documents generated by the specified internal user. In other words, the SOAP user only has access to the documents of one system user.

These two options are compatible, i.e. they can be checked together and the two behaviors would be "mixed": the SOAP user would only be able to download documents from the specific internal user that have been generated by the SOAP user. Documents generated by the internal user would not be accessible from SOAP.