FAQ Xolido®Sign Professional y Corporate

How to electronically sign a PDF document?

1. Click "documents".

2. Look for the document you want to sign and click on the "sign".

3. Choose the signature you want to perform:

  • Signature with an electronic certificate.
    • With visible mark.
    • Without visible mark.
  • Stamped hand-written signature

3.1.Signature with an electronic certificate with visible mark.

  • Choose the position of the sign, if not predefined.
  • Click "To sign with electronic certificate".
  • Optional, draw handwritten signature.
  • Click "Confirm" to start the signing process.

3.2. Signature with an electronic certificate without visible mark.

  • Select the "Sign unbranded visible signature" option.
  • Click "To sign with electronic certificate" to start the signing process.

3.3. Stamped hand-written signature.

  • Click "Digitalized handwritten with timestamp".
  • Draw the signature and click "Confirm" to start the signing process.