FAQ Xolido®Sign Professional y Corporate

How can I sign with electronic certificate in my mobile devices?

1. To sign with electronic certificate in mobile devices, you'll need to have an electronic certificate in PKCS#12 format.

2. You'll must save your certificate in a folder within your device you wish to do signatures with. You can manage your certificate as any other kind of regular file, an you can transfer it to your device, for example, connecting an USB cable to your desktop computer.

3. You don't have to install your certificate in your device. It's only necessary you remember its location to use it later.

4. Follow the regular procedure to do electronic signatures with electronic certificate in Xolido®Sign. When the signature is going to be completed, the application will throw a window that will ask you to choose the file corresponding to your certificate as it's shown in the following picture.

5. Once the certificate be selected, you'll must enter the password and click "Accept".

6. If the password is right, the electronic signature process will start properly. Once the signature is completed, a confirmation message will be shown in your screen.