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How to attach multiple files to a document generated through the system?

XolidoSign Professional

The program allows attach files to a document generated by the system from the "Anexos" Models available in the document option.

1. Click "Models".

2. Select a document model.

XolidoSign Professional

3. Fill in the data of the recipient and body of the letter.

4.To add attachments to the document you must "drag or select the files" in the box.

5. In "Selected files" you will see the files you have selected to attach them to the document you wish to send to the recipient.

6. Once filled in and before generating the document, you can save it as a draft to preview the document, for it click "Save Draft".

To preview the document click on "PDF Draft". The draft can be changed as often as desired, you make changes in the draft remember to save the changes by clicking "Save Draft".

7. When you have finished editing the document click "Generate document". The generated document will appear in the list of documents.

XolidoSign Professional

8. Example of document attachments. The document is ready to perform the operations you want.