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How to make operations circuit?

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1. We open the document sheet on the imbalance performed in the operations circuit, and in the menu on the right, select "Operations circuit".

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2. By clicking on "Operations Circuit" you can:

  • Create a new operations circuit.
  • Use a circuit already created. Usual circuits > My usual circuits and select the circuit we want to use.

    They are circuits previously generated and saved for reuse on subsequent occasions.

Participants can be added to create a new circuit from scratch or modify a usual loaded circuit.

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3. In the tab "Participants" select the type of user that will intervene in the circuit. “Internal user”, “External user”, “List” o “Contact”.

* In an operations circuit, internal users of the application and external users can intervene.

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4. To add a new participant to the circuit, we select the type of user, press "Add participant" and proceed to fill in the fields of each recipient:

4.1. Fill in the fields Order, NIF and Email of the recipient.

4.2. In the drop-down "Operation" select the action to request the recipient.

4.3. Select the "Authentication Type" (how the recipient must access the document to perform the operation that has been asked).

4.4. Then fill in the subject and message fields (optional).

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5. The "Options" tab, this screen gives us the opportunity to assign certain values to the document that participates in the circuit.

  • Shipping name: allows us to identify the circuit once sent.
  • Document metadata: you can fill in the metadata of the document that we are going to send (it is optional).
  • Embed CVE: or create duplicate of the document.
  • Send email at the beginning: if we mark yes, it allows us to write a list of emails, to which the start of the circuit will be communicated.
  • Send email at the end: if we check yes, it allows us to write a list of emails, to which the completion of the circuit will be communicated.
  • Send email to all participants at the end: allows all participants in the circuit to be informed that all the operations required on the document have been completed.
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6. La información de la pestaña "Información usuarios externos", aparecerá en el correo electrónico que le llegue al usuario externo.

* Please note that the information is common to all external users.


7. Once all the fields have been filled in, we press the “Send” button.

- See video -