FAQ XolidoSign Professional y Corporate

Now you choose which design you want to work with: "Azul", the classic design or "Blanco", with the new image of XolidoSign

XolidoSign Professional

1. If you want to change to the new design, just go to "Preferences" and in the option "Theme", select "Blanco". We save the changes and we will automatically load the new image.

XolidoSign Professional

2. Now the main menu appears on the left.

3. The rest of the options appear in the menu on the right.

You can hide the menus to make the work screen bigger.

To hide the menu on the left, we click on the little stripes on the top left, and to hide the menu on the right, we click on the blue circle with little stripes located on the top right.

To show them again, click again on the indicated icons.

XolidoSign Professional

4. You can download the document by clicking on its name.

5. To open the tab of a document and access more options, click on the arrow icon. From here you can access the history of the document, classify the document in a folder, see the operations that have been performed with this document, and many more options, such as perform a "Operations circuit".

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