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Example of the use of Dossiers

Dosieres, ¿cómo funcionan?


Dosieres, ¿cómo funcionan?


Dosieres, ¿cómo funcionan?


When you are going to use the "Dossiers" functionality it is convenient to first analyze which users will be involved and what access they need to have over the documents.

Let us assume a generic request procedure.

  1. 1. Making a request.

  2. 2. Analysis of the request.

  3. 3. Making a proposal.

  4. 4. Issuance of resolution.

We have at least four different documents generated at different times: request, review, proposal and resolution.

Each user involved in the procedure will need to have access only to certain documents.

Therefore, in our example, all 4 documents should be part of a dossier, but not all users should have access to all documents.

Dossier management:

  1. 1. Receipt of the request: receives the request document and associates it with the review team, the proposal team and the resolution team.

  2. 2. Review: the review team issues a review document that is passed to the proposal team and the resolution team.

  3. 3. Proposal: the proposal team analyzes the above documents and generates a resolution document that is sent to the resolution team.

  4. 4. Resolution: the resolution team has the resolution to sign, but also all the documents that have been involved in the procedure that it can analyze if it wishes.

In summary, 4 teams or users have been involved in the processing of this dossier and each user only has access to the documents within his competence. For example, whoever receives the request or reviews it does not need to be aware of the resolution and therefore does not have access to these documents.

All users associated to the dossier will have access to the comments and/or annexes made/uploaded by the rest of the participants.