FAQ XolidoSign Desktop

I'm spanish. Can I sign with my DNIe? How do I install the DNIe in my computer?

Yes, XolidoSign lets you sign your DNIe.

Document, DNIe and signed document
DNIE detail

To use a DNIe you need the following elements:

  • Personal computer
  • Smart card reader compatible with the DNIe
    • ISO-7816 (1, 2 y 3)
    • Asyncronous protocols T=0 y T=1
    • Minimun communication speed 9.600 bps
    • Standards API PC/SC, CSP, API PKCS#11
  • Windows (2000, XP, Vista y W7 and higher), Linux, Unix o Mac
  • Drivers and cryptographic modules

It is recommended to follow the indications of the Electronic DNI Site, National Police.


Smartcard reader

To properly configure the smart card reader we recommend you to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the device.

In some cases it may be necessary to install a specific driver varies depending on the model of the reader and the operating system.

The reader manufacturer must be the one to provide a suitable driver for your computer's operating system.