FAQ Xolido®Sign Desktop

I have a computer with MAC OS, is there any possibility to use Xolido®Sign?

The current version of the application requires. NET platform for its operation, and that platform is not supported natively on computers running Mac OS X.

However, it is possible to use Apple computers Xolido®Sign. To do this, we refer to information provided by its manufacturer Apple about the use of applications that run under other operating systems, in this case Windows: www.apple.com


The Mac also works with Windows”

Need any Windows application? No problem. New Imac allow you to install and use Windows at native speed through an integrated utility called Boot Camp.

The ARCHITECTURE n is simple and safe for your Mac files Once completed the installation & oacute; n., Could & aacute; s boot your Mac with OS X or Windows. T STILL you choose. And if you want to use Windows and Mac applications simultaneously without rebooting, you can install VMware or Parallels.

Information provided on the website www.apple.com: http://www.apple.com/es/osx/what-is/compatibility/

Our web products Xolido®Sign Professional and Xolido®Sign Corporate, you can enjoy all the features through the browser on your MAC computer without any problems. You can find more information about the characteristics of Xolido®Sign Professional and Xolido®Sign Corporate.

Remember that with Xolido®Sign Desktop can:

  • Perform the signing of multiple documents and files at once.
  • Sign any file type: PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, videos, Excel, PowerPoint, txt files, images, vector designs, 3D files ...
  • Signing with integrated time stamp or perform independent time stamp of documents or files.
  • Intelligent document verification.
  • ...