Tip of the month (May 2023) - How to make reminders in XolidoSign Professional or Corporate

Cómo realizar Recordatorios en XolidoSign Professional y Corporate

Use of reminders for pending operations


Have you requested a signature, approval or sent a notification and the recipient has not taken any action?

With XolidoSign you can send manual and automatic reminders to "remember" that you have a pending operation to perform.

Manual reminders

In the Documents tray, from the "status" of each pending document.

2. From the "Third Party Transactions" filter by selecting each of the options:

  • Signature pending
  • Pending of approval/rejection
  • Notifications pending to be read

3. From the "Pending circuits" filter.

Manual Reminders

Automatic reminders

Automatic setting of reminders while the requested operation is pending.

You can set the frequency and maximum number of reminders.

Reminders will be sent automaticallyaccording to the set configurationor until the operation is performed.

Automatic Reminders

When "Automatic reminders" are configured, they are activated for all documents with pending operations.

"How to make Reminders"

Watch the video we have prepared for you to learn all about reminders

Vídeo How to make Reminders