FAQ Xolido®Sign Desktop

What's a digital certificate?

Partiendo del documento y el certificado electrónico, con Xolido®Sign en tu ordenador, se realiza la firma y se obtiene el documento firmado

Xolido®Sign can be used with any digital certificate

What's a digital certificate?

An electronic or digital certificate is a file issued and digitally signed by a certifying authority which links signature verification data to a signatory and confirms your identity.

This certificate allows you, with the help of Xolido®Sign, sign any documents in your computer.

Electronic certificates can be installed in your computer or stored in external devices such as cryptography cards, USB devices, etc.

What certificates can I use?

Xolido®Sign works with any digital certificate, as it is neutral and universal.

Spanish users:

Use the DNIe, public worker certificate, enterprise certificate, or any other certificate.

Users from other countries:

Use trusted certificates.

For your legal certainty, use acknoledged certificate authorities.