Tip of the month (November 2022) - Request your documents electronically and digitize your transactions

Tip of the month: Use Document Request and Web Request and forget paper

Request your documents electronically and digitize your transactions.

The "Require Document" and "Require Web" options allow you to request data from a third party through a form/template to be completed and signed if the sender has requested it.

Perfect for data request requests, informed consents, data protection for customers, suppliers, employees, etc. In short, any document that needs to be completed by a third party.


Require document

This option is launched from the XolidoSign Corporate or Professional application.
The process is very simple:
1. The template to be requested to the third party is selected.
2. Add the recipients and the document signature option.
3. Optionally you can write the text to be received in the email.
4. Send.

See how it works in FAQ:  Require document

Require web

This option launches the procedure from a url that can be inserted in a web site or from a QR code.
This option is automatic and only requires a first configuration, unless you need to change the configured parameters.

See how it works in FAQ:  Require web


-  Supplier registration

-  Customer data collection

-  Informed consents

-  Form 145 IRPF

-  SEPA direct debit order

-  Data protection

-  Employee data collection

-  Certificate application

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