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Dashboard de consumo y recursos utilizados 


Dashboard of consumption and resources used


All the data on the resources used in the Platform is provided in a visual and easy-to-read manner.


In addition to the operations consumed, the number of signatures, notifications and space, information is provided on the operations of internal users, external users and SOAP users.



"Notices" to users with work account (internal)


Administrators will be able to display "Notices" to internal users on the main document screen.


These "Warnings" can be restricted to specific users, scheduled from a specific date and for a certain number of days. 


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 Avisos a usuarios con cuentas de trabajo (internos)
Nueva página para verificar documentos por CVE 


New page to verify documents by CVE


A new page has been created so that documents with CVE can be easily verified.


Unique website for verifying  documents with CVE code.


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New functionalities to create "Templates


"New template from a PDF"
It will allow us to create templates from a pdf document with form fields.


"PDF to display in web form header"
Ideal for forms that have a lot of text and few fields. Viewer of the pdf document to be filled in.

Visor del documento pdf a cumplimentar.


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 Nuevas funcionalidades para realizar plantillas
Autorización de usuarios externos (invitados) a terceras personas                                                para acceder a su cuenta 


Authorizing external users (guests) to access your account


This feature allows an external user (guest) to authorize another person to access their account.


The authorized user can perform the same actions on the documents as the authorizing user, except for managing drafts of required documents. 


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New properties in SOAP users


New SOAP user functionalities to download documents.


Different options that allow us to download/delete all documents or only those of a specific internal user.


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 Nuevas propiedades en usuarios SOAP

For more information consult the Administrator Manual from your administration area.





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