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Nueva Interfaz 


Expiration of notifications


This option allows you to define an expiration period for the notifications.


Once the established term has expired without having acceded to the notification, it is marked as "Rejected"..


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Signature image management


The Service Administrator will be able to manage the signature images of all users (work accounts registered in the Service).


These images can be used when the user has to make an electronic signature operation with a certificate with a visible mark.


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  Signature image management
SMS Templates 


SMS Templates


These are the templates used for sending SMS messages.


You will be able to customize your own SMS templates. The Service that has a personalized and correctly configured template will be used for the SMS messages to be sent.


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Language Galego


New language for XolidoSign Corporate / Professional Service.


Configure it from the "Preferences" > "Languages" menu.


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 Plantillas SMS
New batch operation: Send to circuits 


New batch operation: Send to circuits


Allows one or more documents to be sent to several circuits at the same time.


Select the documents to be associated to a transaction circuit and choose "Send to circuits" from the "Run operation" drop-down menu.


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Shipment by lot


Allows you to send a PDF document to be individually signed by multiple recipients.


In addition, it will allow us to customize the document for each signatory. A .csv file will be used to send the document.


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 Envío por lotes
Registro E/S 


I/O Register


The I/O Register is a Module of the XolidoSign Corporate Service.


This module allows the registration of incoming and outgoing documents, as well as the consultation of the incoming and outgoing Record Book.


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For more information consult the Administrator Manual and/or User Manual from your administration area.



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